Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

“To those who have suffered and slavery I can say, I, too, have suffered… To those who have battled for liberty, brotherhood, and citizenship I can say, I , too, have battled.”   -Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was almost 60 years old when he moved to Cedar Hill with his wife Anna Murray. It was here that he took time to exercise, linger around the dinner table, and display some of his most treasured items. Among those were Abraham Lincoln’s cane, a gift of a leather chair from the people of Haiti, and a hand carved German clock. Above all of his possessions his books were his most treasured and he spent much of his time in the library or on the grounds reading about politics, philosophy, and law.

This site has a particular interest for me as I research the connection of my hometown, St Augustine Florida and Frederick Douglass’ visit here isn 1889. We know that Mr. Douglas visit it’s in Augustine after speaking in Jacksonville Florida. We also know that the Subtropical Exposition was held in Jacksonville that same year and most likely he was one of the speakers at that event. My research has not revealed the topics of the speech but it is possible that Mr. Douglass was sharing his experiences from recent travels in 1886-1887 to England, Ireland, France, Italy, Egypt and Greece.

Many thanks go out to the National Park employees at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site for sharing information about his possible topics during his visit to St. Augustine.

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