iPad Pro or Laptop?

It was time for me to buy a new iPad.
Laptop or iPad ProMy fourth-generation (2012 version) iPad was getting a little unstable and seemed to reboot at just the wrong time. Not to mention it was slow compared to my other iOS devices so I made the jump to the iPad Pro. I gave a good bit of thought into my new iPad, iPad air or iPad Pro was my first decision and because of the speed and the ability to use the Apple pencil I decided that iPad Pro was going to be where I wanted to start. Once that was decided my next dilemma was the smaller or larger iPad Pro. There are some features on the smaller iPad Pro that intrigue me. First it has a better camera and I’m a photography nut so I was naturally drawn to the camera specs on the smaller iPad Pro. Another option I had to decide was the cellular data option and did I even want/need the cellular data option? With two options available, one for the small iPad Pro and another for the large iPad Pro, I had to do some research on the different LTE options offered in each iPad. still, my biggest question was could I actually replace my laptop with an iPad. In the past I’ve bought different keyboards, three I think, that would allow me to type into my old iPad.

iPad Pro or Laptop

iPad Pro or Laptop

The keyboards were integrated into the folding cover which pretty much replicated an old netbook. This was fine because I’ve had a netbook and enjoyed using it but ultimately I found it difficult to type on the netbook and the iPad keyboard options mostly because of the smaller keyboard. This reason was huge in my decision to go with the larger iPad Pro. As if that wasn’t enough, I continue to explore sketchnoting and/or visual notetaking. I’ve purchased three or four different types of stylus that will give me more control on the old iPad but I really wanted the options the Apple pencil offers. This also led me toward the larger iPad Pro as well.


I’m taking the transition to the iPad Pro slowly. I bought the 128 gig of memory instead of the 256 because I plan to more deliberate on apps that I install. I also don’t plan to use it for photos as I’ve already decided to purchase the new iPhone 7 when it come out in the next year or so. I’ll load up on memory on that device. I haven’t purchased the cellular connection yet but I have decided to go with T-Mobile when I do. Apparently if you choose AT&T you lock into only using them as your only cellular option. Also, if I have T-Mobile I may have better coverage in some areas of the country. Time will tell…

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